Title Cover

Dan on March 17, 2008

Hello and welcome to Metempsychosis! To those who were already around you may have noticed earlier about this (Since I put up a “teaser” on my officially dead comicohmygodihateitsomuchjeebus), but had nothing.

Well, the wait is over. I finally finished the dang cover page (Which took most of 3 days to do) and I have a feeling that this will be great. Now, don't be fooled by the drawn cover because this is going to be a sprite comic, but do get your hopes up because I'll try my best to use as much “drawn” skills into it as I can.

I already have my first two pages finished up and boy, do they look awsome with the new layout! The comic will be updated… er… pah, since when was I good at keeping up with schedules I'm not forced to follow? But do believe me, I'll try to update consistently.

Anyways, to my old viewers, I'm back. To new viewers, welcome. I hope you enjoy the show.

Sincerely, Dan.