Midnight Redeemer 1: Slippery When Wet

BYCWArchAngel on May 15, 2007

This is the actual beginning of the comic. The other stuff was test stuff. Okay, first off, I want to inform you that the whole Mud-Man, and Redeemer thing…it is not supposed to be a spoof of Spider-Man 3. Sure, I understand it seems coincidental, but my girlfriend actually made up the idea for Mud-Man in our Creative Writing class when we were supposed to start on our graphic novel unit. So, the it is just a coincidence…nothing much more than that. Obviously by the poses however, I am a huge Spider-Man fan…and a lot of the art of various Spider-Man comics influence me. Also, the coloring is terrible. I know. My friend let me borrow his wacom tablet, so I am still getting used to it, but I welcome your criticism. Thanks a bunch and I hope to update this once a week, until school is out in a couple weeks.