Level 1: Introduction Pt. 1 (6/2)

MiresuKun on June 1, 2011

…And so it begins again.
So I suppose I should welcome viewers old and new to my new journal comic. It truly is a pleasure to be able to share my experiences with you.
For the first few pages, I will not be following the update schedule I have set (it is mentioned in the desc. and banner). I just wanna try to get the intro out of the way, then I'll try to adhere to it. So until then, you'll have to enjoy the intro, sorry guys. :P
Anyways, I'll try not to be very long-winded on my first new page, I'll get to a bit of the nitty gritty tomorrow. If you want to read my previous, less cool adventures, go ahead and go back and read my 220 page webcomic, Fun Times (or at the end of its life span, the older Miles Masters Life).
So until tomorrow!