My reaction to the Live action Negima series.

MangaWriter on Oct. 9, 2007

Despite the joke in this comic, I have to say, if you keep an open mind, the live action series of Negima looks pretty good. I mean, for a low budget show like that the CG is pretty impressive..

However, there's two things that bug me.
1) They didn't even bother to dye the girls' hair or wear wigs to make them look more like the characters.
2) Chamo's a friggin' stamp. At least in what I saw. I dunno. Something about that makes me angry. I suppose there's not gonna be any panty-stealing from Chamo anymore.

Anyway, that's my small rant. Yeah. Wee. Revising the main comic to be pitched to Tokyopop.

I think it won't be called How to be a Fanboy in that version. I dunno. The name… doesn't seem to work for the direction the series is headed. Ah well, I'll put up an announcement if it's accepted. I estimate I'll pitch it towards mid/end December.

Peace out. Say no to drugs.