Pimp Vanish!

KademonsterX on March 29, 2017

It's like ninja vanish, except with pimps, get it?

Righty-o! So beat Breath of the Wild, it was… well, lots of wandering, really. I was pretty addicted to it, lots do discover and what not, but in my mind they could have done so much more with that huge open world. Personally, I'm a fan of the Zelda formula, and this latest entry felt like it was just a frame that lacked depth in the world. Regardless, it's a world filled with wonder.

You're not going to find elaborate caves, or your traditional Zelda dungeons here, you won't be on the prowl for heart pieces; much of the Zelda magic that you're accustomed to won't be there. The dungeons aren't really worthy of being called dungeons, each one of the Divine Beasts has the same objective, you'll collect some not-so-bad loot, and have a fight with Something Blight Ganon, and that's that. No enemies except some Bubbles and evil eyes that you have to shoot. I thought I would be dealing with a lot more dungeons, and a lot more complex, but there was none of that. Anyways, the 120 shrines kept me plenty busy, but I couldn't help but think that these puzzles would have been more appreciated in the middle of a dungeon, but call me old schooled. Some puzzles were definitely up to par with the series most complex and innovated puzzles. This iteration of Hyrule is an instant classic and my new personal favorite, filled with enemies that get harder as you progress, and some enemies can really take some time to take down early on. I died a lot when I started. The challenge is definitely there, I died more here than I did in the first game. When it comes down to it, this Zelda game gave me a lot of things I always wanted in a Zelda game; over-world bosses, obtaining cool weapons from fallen enemies, lots of armor variations, and the inclusion of Lynels in a major console game, and they are tough as fuck. And some surprises, like 3 different dragons that fly around the world that you can somewhat scuffle with. But they could have kept many elements from the series and it would have made it even more epic. There's lots of missed opportunities. They had a golden opportunity to include the Roc's Feather/Cape, it would have been cool to have a double jump. That's just one example. A lot of that Zelda magic could bring out the potential in this game, but it's simply not there. I found a rupee under a rock once, it was refreshing. Personally, I'm a big fan of the Zelda formula, so I can't fathom Nintendo wanting to fix what I doubt many thought was broken. Biggest complaint is the dungeons, or lack thereof, but with all there is to do in Breath of the Wild, this surprisingly isn't that big of a deal. The graphics are fresh, the different take on the music works, and it runs pretty smooth. So with that, I'm gonna' score it at 8.5 out of 10.