~Chapter One, Causing Misfits~

kittygrl on Oct. 22, 2008

Alright, don't kill me. This is the beginning of chapter uno! I know this looks bad XD. Um… basically it's my first comic so like thanks you guys from the previous page. Thanks Legendary Warrior for recoloring GiGi (HAPPY NOW?!? GOSH!!! XD)

Alright the Axel sprites doesn't look so good XD lol. I'm just being a fat ass and not fixing it right now…… (Euron, you say anything, you die!) so enjoy!

Sorry for this annoying thing but DD is being weird for me x-x… Edit: Alright guys, you can now see the page… I just have to say… IT'S ABOUT GODDAMN FRIGGEN TIME!!!! Anyways enjoy the Title Chapter Page ^^