Wither away, part 6

Jake Richmond on Nov. 21, 2012

Convention Season is coming! Looks like I’ll be at Chibi Chibi Con next month, Emerald City and Sakuracon in March and Stumptown (with Emma Capps!) in April!
- So back before the end of the year I read a review of Modest Medusa. The review was pretty fair, but the guy really didn’t like my art and described it as lazy. Sigh… sometimes I can be lazy, especially if I’m in a hurry. Then, about two weeks ago while I was at Newcon I met someone after my panel who  told me that I had no business being on a webcomics panel because I clearly didn’t know how to draw at all, and my comic was one of the worst out there. That hurt. Finally, last week I discovered a webcomics review site that had some negative things to say about my comic. Some of them were really pretty valid, like criticsim about the poor site design and the number of adds (and I’m working with a friend to change both of those things).And again, they didn’t like the art.
I thought I’d really push myself on this story arc and do the best pages I can do. Which is why they’ve been taking longer than normal. I’m really happy with the way they’ve turned out and I hope you like them as well. I’m not fishing for compliments here. Instead, my plan for this year is to bring my ” A game” to every Modest Medusa page.