Wither away, part 7

Jake Richmond on Nov. 21, 2012

- Sorry again for the delay. I wasn’t feeling great last week, so I took my time with what was supposed to be the Friday page. I’m working on the next page today, so hopefully it will be up on Weds. The truth of it is (and I’ve said this before) that these full pages just take a lot longer than the normal 4 panel strips. I’ve got 5-7 more pages in this story arc so what I’ve decided to do is take my time and do them right. I’ll still be trying to get three pages a week up, but I think two is more likely. So… for the next 2-3 weeks expect only two updates a week, and be surprised if there’s a third. I hope you guys won’t mind too much. I think the finished story will be worth the delay!
- Last week I said some stuff about my art and some recent criticism. I wasn’t fishing for compliments, but I do really, really appreciate all of the posts you guys have made since than. Really. I’m a little embarrassed even. Thank you all for you support.
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