Ch4 P26 - Black Tendrils

TheGhost on April 2, 2013

This is the page where I started using Manga Studio 5. No more SAI for me! I didn't know much about MS5, and I really wanted to wait until I started on Chapter 5 before I made the switch, but I couldn't wait. And I'm glad I didn't! I'm having too much fun with this program now. The panels, text, and word balloons are still created in Photoshop, but I'm looking to go all MS5 for Chapter 5. The reason I wanted to wait before switching art programs, I was afraid the art would look drastically different. Looking at the pages now, I don't even notice a change, though I am finding it a lot easier to color the pages. Where I have been fighting with the tools for certain looks and textures in SAI, I've found that MS5 is a lot more artist friendly (in my opinion).

I can't wait to see what goodies Manga Studio EX 5 will have. And with me already owning the “Debut” version, an upgrade won't cost as much.