Ch4 P60 - Toadie's Party

TheGhost on July 30, 2013

And with that, Chapter 4 is complete! *passes out*

*wakes up* Wow. Sixty pages and without a missed update, though this page was completed only hours ago. Yup, I ran out of my buffer these last few pages. Never again! I hate the fear of missing an update. What does this mean for the next chapter? I plan on posting Chapter 5 in September. Next month won't be a true break/vacation/holiday for me, as I'll be trying to complete most of the next chapter even before it begins posting. Also, my hope is to keep the chapters around 30 pages from now on.

Anything new… *thinks* Oh, I now have Manga Studio EX 5, and I'm extremely thankful to the generous reader who donated for my upgrade! This means I'll be working 100% in Manga Studio from now on. No more Photoshop for me! For a while now I've been wishing for an art program that combined Photoshop, SAI, and all the good things from other programs into one. And Manga Studio 5 has been that program.

I had more I wanted to say, but all I want to do is sleep.