Moonlight Motel 1

slave2moonlight on Nov. 27, 2007

I just discovered DrunkDuck at Wizard World Texas, and it looked like a great place for my strip to get some exposure. Before I start posting new stuff here though, I want to post some of my older ones. The strip has only been monthly so far (in South Texas's Magazine X), so there aren't that many. The main character, Monty Moonlight, also has his own My Space page. Anyway, here's the first of the old ones. Once I'm up to posting daily stuff, which I hope will be very soon, it will probably be largely hand done and usually in black and white (though maybe not) for time purposes, but these monthlies were mostly done all digitally (except for this first one, which was a combination) and in full color. Hopefully, you'll notice some improvement from comic to comic.