Character Malarkey. Bah.

Sharpie on Dec. 19, 2007

Yeah, yeah. Felt like actually drawing out something sort of productive. Note my awful out of proportioned-ness and such. Yay for no artistic talent!

Erm Yeah… Starting from left to right:
Spratt- She's a pixie of sorts with a strange obsession/passion/lusting for Toby. Erm. Yeah. She's little in scale and speaks in third person. She's hyper and too happy and a bit spastic at times. That about sums her up.
Toby- I suppose he's a cyborg of sorts. I mean a good majority of him is metal after all. Not sure how he got to be that way. How about we say it was a lab accident? Yeah. That's a good excuse. He's surly, angry, and generally hates nonsense. And Spratt. He is bothered by her to no end. Oh and he generally doesn't say much.
Clarence- He's a demon and a love machine. But mostly a love machine. He's my favorite, not going to lie about that. He's an instigator and usually a bit ditsy at times. Yup, Clarence is my favorite.
Mortimer- Erm. I just recently added him in. He really has no point except that I felt like envisioning him up. Creative control FTW. I felt he needed to be obnoxious and maybe have a man-crush on Clarence. No idea why. Just like the idea that Tiffany will have someone to fight with. Don't know what he's supposed to be. Angel quite possibly?
Frank- Hell baby! Again, another new manifestation because I can. Plus I feel the need to be awful to Tiffany. I mean what could be worse than a supposed illegitimate hell baby?
Tiffany- She's another favorite. Though I'll probably treat her the worst. She likes/lusts/whatevers Clarence. Clarence is a love machine after all. She's part octopus and demon or something I think. I just liked Ursula as a kid. And what's wrong with a few tentacles?


Mmk. I think I'm done. Yup. Done.