Ch 10, pg 2

DaWaterRat on Jan. 31, 2012

Sorry about last week.  I wound up heading over to the school to pick up my daughter when she threw up, and since I do this comic for fun (not profit), Being a mom takes priority.
As usual, I try to keep everyone updated via the Facebook page.  However, since #@$@$% Facebook strangles any page that doesn't splurge for their stupid “Promote” feature, not everyone can see them.  I understand that if you add Muse of a Knight to an Interest group, and/or choose to get notifications, then you'll catch all updates.  (Hover over Muse of a Knight, and a pop-up shoud come up, then hover over the Liked button and select Show Notifications).  I know Facebook has to make money, but sheesh. (see: Fun not profit)
Finally, about the page itself… It was just being a pain.  The redraws were taking forever,  lighting wasn't cooperating, I forgot how I created the bonds in postwork, Comic Life was acting weird…  But it's up now.  Hopefully next week's will have less drama in the creation.