VG Arc - [ 02 ] Not noticing

mfc on March 7, 2007

And so, it begins!

There's not much going on right now; this page started out as a sketch, really. I liked the pose and the effects that I used (I finally learned how to create fog, and how to make stuff look shiny!).

This looks very poster-esque. I like it!

I was wondering what to do with the dialogue. I was planning on having the boxes have the color of the corresponding character, but it didn't look good; so I managed to go with the generic yellow box. I hope you guys can recognize who's whom in this comic.

If not; Orange's font is ‘Century Gothic,’ the one starting on the top left. Mizu's font is ‘Lucida Sans’ italic, on the right.

It also occurred to me that I had to use parenthesis so it wouldn't look like the two of them narrating.

Heh. I'm learning as I'm going along! :3

Hope you guys enjoy the comic. I hope you stay tuned and watch it evolve into a full-blown story!