The DD Tournament

MaxAxil on Oct. 16, 2014

I would just like to inform everyone that Kou The Mad had previously created forum detailing a community effort comic. A comic where DD characters fight it out. This is the sole reason why I had Kyoko Tachibana created. So I can join the tournament with an original character(I can't send anyone out because they're all copyrighted other than Matt, Myself, and Nike.). I will only post up this characters art for today.
For more information on her, I will also be posting this up in the Character guide 
This is the forum for the tournament. If you are interesting in joining the fight as well, click on this link:
Here's the link to Kyoko in The MPAN guide.
Hope my arts ok to you guys. 
And if the tournament kicks off, wish Kyoko Luck!
(Funny, I was originally gonna enter Matt with his own art)