Takira's Secret Realm (- Page 23)

Markusdragon on Feb. 26, 2008

There was an earthquake last night here that measured 5.2 on the Richter scale. The death-toll is in the… well, in the 0s; Britain is suprisingly earthquakeproof apparantly. Nontheless, we're milking this for all we can because we're British and we don't actually get natural disasters that aren't cold and wet very often, so we have to make out that things are worse than they are if ever a snowdrop falls, we threaten to close the roads, empty the schools and warn people of a blizzard. Also we refer to small puddles in the road as ‘localised flooding’.

So if you see a Brit today, ask them whether they felt the earthquake, be kind and don't mock them if they think that a single 5.2 earthquake with no aftershocks is some kind of big deal on the same scale as a Tornado ripping through your town, we need the sympathy, because we don't often get it.