An Introduction

Ka_rin on Aug. 28, 2011

After 54 days of sitting on this name and the original inception being April 17th wer're finally posting a page. Update rates as well as art stylings are up for change for a while as we get settled into this mess. We hope you enjou your stay. And now some words from my co-authors.
Sushi: Hi there. Um… Well, there's not much to say on my end. I'll be writing reviews that will get turned into comic format, along with Jety Lefr (The artist) and Ka_Rin AKA Horerczy. Ragnar will be the means through which I express my opinions in the comic, though with his own flair added. I hope that adding a visual quality to reviews will make them more interesting for you readers. Please bear with us as we undertake this project of ours.
Jety: …
And now for links that were promised on the page:
Some information on alps
And our forum