Review 2A: Supernormal Step

Ka_rin on Dec. 27, 2011

Jety Lefr's comments:
I want to first say that Horercsy, the1truesushiboy, and myself all love Supernormal Step. When Astijl says that I don't agree with him, it's because he only wants action and drama and anything else in their is just filler to him. He doesn't like the comedic/cute aspects… I do.
art- 9.8/10
story- 7.4/10
comedy- 6.6/10
drama- 7.2/10
random- 8.0/10

Horerczy's Comments: I give the comic an 8.5 overall. You should try reading it it's a good comic but thats just our opinions.

the1truesushiboy's Comments:
Art -> 8.5
Premise -> 7
Comedy -> 8
Tragedy -> 6.5
Action -> 9
Storytelling -> 7.5

Overall -> 7.75

Final Score: 8.02/10