welcome to my nightmare

stickboybob on May 30, 2008

howdy howdy all and one and welcome to the cesspool that is to become the dumping ground for all of my craptastic flatbreads and art. for any of my minions, fans and bitches out there, you know the drill. for anyone new old or stuffed with cheese, im going to be posting all things NALO here regardless of catagorie, type, series, or race.

for all my older stuff, well it may show up here eventually but if you want to know what happened before a certain strip, want to see all of my art in some sort of convoluted order, or just need a good cup of tea, head on over to my website.

It's http://www.nalocomics.com

there you will behold all that is excentric, amazing and has absolutly nothing to do with either.

this post was not written by a garden gnome.