NaC - The Letter

Neecap on Feb. 19, 2007


Sorry we have been quiet these last few days, Charlie has gone cold turkey from the gambling and it's taken a negative effect on him currently…he's been trying to put bets on Old Women trying to get there pension first in the mornings…

Anyway, thanks to everyone who's sending there questions, and just because others have sent there's don't think we'll ignore yours! We love questions, and if we have our way we'd like to make a comic each day…that means 5 questions a week (we both need weekends off, my daughter would kill me if I was away even then…kids…don't have them…) for 52 weeks a year…if you can do maths I'm sure you can work that out, I can't be bothered, but I know that is a LOT of questions! So get asking god damn it!

Once again, thanks.

Comics soon I promise!