I Know I Suck... =___=

michi_no on Feb. 28, 2008

Yeah, so I've kinda not started the comic, if you haven't noticed?

… but mostly it's that I've been busy like no other. (Collage classes, high school classes, work nearly every night… @o@) but also a main component of my comic has fallen apart. One of my most used characters was based on my friend… and now that we are no longer speaking to one another… well… I need to revise… a lot… because it's kinda awkward to use a “person” that no longer wants anything to do with you…. o.o;;

I know I've been a horrible horrible updater, but I swear, once I've graduated at the end of this year, I'll get to planning my butt off!

T__T In the meantime… I'll draw things whenever I can and post them so that
… well.. so that you have something while I get my act together.