#2: Bad Boys or Antagonist Ho!

Evil Emperor Nick on Aug. 8, 2007

What cha' going to do when they pick on you? Bad Boys, Bad boys….

Well enough of that. I'm sure readers of School Nights will be well familar with Skee & Nak. Skee's outfit is actually based off of an outfit I got for camping from the Army Navy store when I was a kid. Specifically his military issue combat boots, pants & jacket. The jacket I had was a surplus West German military issue combat jacket. It had a hood, a million hidden pockets, clips to attach equipment & removable liner making it a rain coat in summer and war winter coat. Skee's jacket only loosely based on my original and his is probably a lot cooler then mine ever was, but to be fair Skee is a lot cooler then I ever was back then too.