Page 1

K N Winter on Oct. 4, 2008

Page 1 of “Nightingale.” I'm HOPING to update at least 2 pages a month (obviously more if I have time!) Things are hecktic lately, so please bare with me! 2 pages per month (at the least!) should not be too hard to start, right? Ah, well, we'll ee how this goes!

My update days will vary, but I'm aiming to have a new page up on the second and third weekends (Friday,Saturday, or Sunday) of each month. Because I'm horrible with exact dates, it'll just be the “weekend” timeframe instead. Sorry, guys! *sweatdrop!*

Also, please let me know what you think of the comic thus far!
Because it's the “Nightingale” comic' debue, I'll be uploading the first 3 pages tonight and HOPEFULLY at least one more this month! (SPLURGE!) Ehahahah… *fails.*