Nine to Five Chapter 1, Page 6

Kyris on May 16, 2009

Okay, so you guys are probably wondering what happened to this comic. It's simple, me and Thrakish have been VERY distracted as of late. Thrakish moved like, three hours away, so we can't get together too often to actually get something moving. (Neither of us can drive, since I'm epileptic and Thrakish doesn't want to.)

We've been discussing whether or not we're even going to bother continuing this. For now though, the comic is on hold until we can get something working out. I truly hope we get this moving again, since thus far, it has proven to be a very interesting comic.

Well, here's hoping!

Later skaters,


P.S. We already have some more pages down, (I think like, three more after this one.) but we haven't really been able to scan them or Photoshop them. (Thrakish doesn't have a scanner and I don't have Photoshop. We suck, I know.)