Chapter 1 - Dogs pt.1

Kroatz on May 17, 2009

This is it, for me a huge moment, for all of you probably not so much. This project of mine; No Heroes, has been almost two years in the making and, unfortunately for you, it still isn't finished. Anyways, thanks for joining me on this adventure, reading the comic is greatly appreciated, posting comments is appreciated even more.

Now let's start with some basics, if you want to enjoy this comic as best you can you're gonna be needing some color. I made up a system for you to earn colors, anyone who sends me fanart, tips, comments and what not will get the right to choose a page. If one is chosen I will replace the chosen gray page with a full color page. BUT:
Only serious fanart will earn you color, only really helpfull tips will earn you color and only the sweetest, sugar-like comment will earn you some amazing coloring.
And only stuff sent to: ‘’ will earn you color.