103 Holy damage

TheFlyingGreenMonkey on May 13, 2010

Its a fair question.

I did a good Jesus but I don't think I did a good vampire. Oh well.

@Random: Two heads are better than one. Apparently it works the same for cats.
@PPB: It was very polite of you not to say anything to me then :3
@1337: Cats also scratch :3
@Roku: Well you figured out the theme of future jokes XD
@Mettaur: I'm made of all the cats >:3
@Machine: It also explains why I run from dogs.
@Wordweaver: I use Photoshop Elements 7. And your tip seems to help but it adds so much more time D:
@PP: Don't feel ashamed PP. I even tricked a human woman into believing I was her biological son.
@Zeph: I already told you its in the car that is running over homeless. The homeless want your candy and Cross is protecting it.
@ghost: I'm afriad the one one my butt area is a lolcat. He is incharge of making farting noises.
@Shirker: No that would be the other mansuit filled with cats.
@Kyle: Holy crap when did you get back on?
@1337(again): I know! Happest moment of my “No Talent” life.
@Ark: Snap indeed!