Muntron on Jan. 12, 2008

Hey guys, sorry I didn't update for so long! I have three new comics I'm creating at the moment (no I don't mean comics for Not Artist Comics). I doubt I'll ever update this one again but if you go into my profile you can enjoy the other three, they should start updating sometime next week. The reason I stopped making these isn't because I was out of ideas. About two months or so ago I quit school and now I'm working and I got pretty lazy. If anyone wants to submit Guest Comics, I'll gladly put them up here for you. My other three comics are these:

1. Smellan: A parody of the comic Allan (
2. What I was really thinking: A community project that ANYONE can make a guest comic for as long as it follows the theme.
3. btIRC: Secret project.

Sorry I didn't say anything sooner but I only just felt like throwing this up here now, I hope you'll check out my new comics and enjoy them.