Not Ready to Die 39

Darwin on Jan. 6, 2012

And thus concludes Not Ready to Die!  Can you believe it!?  I can't quite grasp it myself.  I really never expected this to be as long as it ended up being!  Technically this was 40 pages all together if you include the cover.  I was expecting MAYBE 25 pages!

Okay so anyway, there was an ulterior motive in writing/graphically illustrating this story, it sets up something for an upcoming addition to the TOHS universe.  That is…when Endgame concludes (The current run through The News and Life's Stupidities), I will be bringing a parallel story (Of Dhampirs and Warlocks) into the TOHS fold graphically.  Those who have read it know that it is a story that starts WELL before the current run of TOHS, however I will be focusing on what comes about twenty years after the end of the current run.  What does that have to do with NRTD?  Hmmmm…All I will say is that this story takes place somewhere between Shattered and Sins…and Garrett Kelly's inclusion is key….We'll see who picks up on that thread and runs with it!

I hope that you've enjoyed the comic run, please comment at will…even if something about the run displeased you (IE you don't like the ending, were confused, etc) please let me know.