Chapter 4: Page 14

Mint on Aug. 23, 2008

Back … and I need some snack
I'm back! 8D (though page 9-11 was done quite a while ago… just forgot to upload them ..heh.. ^^;)
It' was quite nice at my dad's place. I spent many hours in his sofa drawing comics. :B Here's the three Obiit-pages (made a bunch of other stuff too…).
Though… I had to by new ink. And it came about that it wasn't waterproof. :c So I had to do the shading with graphite instead of watercolors.
And I also lost my pattern for the format of the pages (that actually happend a month ago…). But I'll get a new one soon.
Enjoy. :3
And look, look! Yuuseki talks! It's true! You ain't dreaming!