Pixie on Nov. 8, 2007

I promised one page a week, and I know I'm running a bit late on this one… I usually intend to make at least two a week, preferably more, because the idea is to make them quickly, in max. an evening. In my defense, I've been shockingly busy this week - I'm leaving my job next friday, so I've been training my two replacements. Long story.

Enough of that. Meet Freya. She's kinda the point of this story. Kinda. Not really. Did I mention this was a love story? No? Oh well. I'm an old romantic at heart. Prepare to have your heart strings ripped out. :3

Now, I'm gonna reply to comments quickly, while I have the chance.
dOm - yeah, the Wild Hunt. :3
Rutget - yes. Bonefires.

If you're not following my spellings or references, worry ye not. It's not THAT important. But if you're incredibly interested, lemme just say… almost everything I write has one foot in existing material, and most of the time that's myth and legend. For Winternights, see Norse… for bonefires, see pagan… for both, see the overlap between those two mythologies… and then spend several years reading the overlap in all of them. Did you know there are references to Egyptian mythology in the bible?

My own personal interests aside… you don't need to know anything about mythology to enjoy this story. You don't really need to know anything at all. It's a nice simple story, with a nice simple end.

And all my spellings are correct. ;)