Pixie on Nov. 13, 2007

I'm on holiday from Saturday 17th til Saturday 24th, so I'm gonna try to make at least one or two pages in advance and set them to auto-update. Because I think that'd be COOL. :3 (And also ‘cause I want to stick to my update schedule of at least one page a week, even if I’m somewhere else entirely).

Oh, and… Huh. Not sure how to phrase this. I've been scripting this in advance (you'd think that'd be obvious, but I usually wing it a great deal, dialogue always changes at the last minute anyway… bad me)… and I'm almost done with my scripting. However, there is a very good chance that Seth and Freya are going to get away from me, since my characters tend to have a life of their own, and… and… long story short, here's a question for y'all:

How much sex am I allowed to show before I gotta stick an Adult rating on my comic instead of Mature? Some? None? As much as I like as long as I'm dead subtle and don't show any car crash close-ups or erections? Nothing beyond a bit of mild groping or I get a slap on the wrist and no dinner for a month? Everything apart from the money shot? XD

Answers on a postcard, please.

Also, on a total aside (gawd, I've got a lot to say for myself today!) I am fully aware that Freya is hawt, and Seth is not… really much of an oil painting. She has her reasons, okay? Okay? Okay, so shut up. :(

- pixieface