Pixie on Nov. 18, 2007

Hey guys! :D I'm on holiday right now! HAHAHAHA!

Okay, so I made this in advance, and I set it to upload while I was away. I hope you enjoy it! LOTS of text on this page. Maybe too much. But I couldn't trim, really - I had a lot to say. Let me know if you think it looks cluttered… I tried my best to prevent that!

In other news, I got my first -ever- fanart the other day! It is here: http://thundercake.deviantart.com/art/Seth-69839221
Thundercake is a particularly awesome person, a wonderful artist, and deserves your love. She knows more about art than three billion art teachers combined, and she writes and illustrates a story of her own, called Thorns, which is here: http://thornsbook.com/ You should probably go read that. :3

Also! I only got ONE reply about my sex-question on the last page! SHAME ON YOU!!! (Except you, Conned. You get cookies!)
But anyway, if you know the answer please let me know. That'd be grand. :D I really don't want to have to make October Adult rated.

Unfortunately, this is the only page I got made in advance - it's been a very busy week for me! However, I'm sticking to my schedule, and you're still getting at least a page a week. Have fun! I'll be back Saturday, so you ought to see an update before the weekend is over! :)