Brand New in Utah

nightmarelunatic on Sept. 18, 2012

I'm into many different genres of music and I'm always open to new things. In these recent past 2 years or so the punk/hardcore scene has caught my ear. The band that opened to my heart first was ‘Brand New’. I unknowingly heard them back in high school in "03. I've become a good fan of them. So much so, that me & some friends of Lala traveled to Salt Lake City to see them live. Crazy you say? Yes. Yes we were. 10 hours of driving.
The concert was intense. I've never been so swallowed by the crowd and engulfed by the music. Some pessimist might say I drove for 10 hours to be beaten. But seriously, I really did have fun.
Have you ever heard of pieshakes? Salt Lake City has them at Sammy's PieShakes. Really fun place.
And the Park Cafe by Liberty Park is so good.
hmm…Utah had some pretty great food.