The Last Rainbow.

nightmarelunatic on Nov. 21, 2012

My birthday was on the 17th. I feel older and also feel I can no longer claim to be a wild yougin'. Excuses like drinking and partying were cool, but I noticed the luster fades when other people close to my age are getting houses and getting careers. Don't get me wrong-I still drink & party, but the value of having my own house & being self reliant is something that's more appealing.
A big thing that brought this comic on was noticing that the older people get, the more drab their outlook on life is. I don't want that so my wardrobe will reflect & force a happy outlook. IT'S NOT A HIPSTER LOOK. I just felt like their need to be more colors in the adult world instead of a sea of greys,browns & beiges.
I wore this exact outfit a few days ago. I did get a few stares.