Last Strip of Odd Days.

nightmarelunatic on Nov. 21, 2012

I remember the day I thought of the words “Odd Days”. Me & my boyfriend at the time were driving to a bowling alley to bowl with another couple.
I always have a million stories running through my head, and odd days seemed like the best outlet, and it was also very therapuetic. I've actually had no idea in the beginning where Odd Days would end up. Like most of my ideas, I thought I would scribble it out a bit, show it to a few friends, and forget about the idea altogether. Not sure why I stuck with Odd Days. Maybe it's my baby? I can smile & watch it grow & change along with me, and it's a great way to record influential moments in my life. So I decided not too long ago to make this baby into something more.
I'm only quitting the strip to make more time for the graphic novel of Odd Days that I'll be working on. Hopefully the story goes great on paper as it does in my head.
So, as I wrapped up the last frame, I started listening to
I thought it was fitting. Thanks to all who loved Odd Days, and hope you'll keep following me on fb & tumblr & twitter!