Deleted Scenes: Off Hours Chapter 2 Page 29 (Version 1)

dueeast on July 18, 2010

So originally, Chapter 2 was going to have a different major villain and plotline. The villain, Reynaldo Montana (pronounced “mon-tahn-yah”) was obviously a parody/homage to the late Ricardo Montalban in his epic role as Khan in Star Trek 2. His wife, Erica, held an uncanny resemblance to America Ferrera in her “Real Women Have Curves” days.

Both of them also gained superpowers on this world but they used their powers to further themselves and make a little evil kingdom run on Gorn (another Star Trek reference - did I mention I like Star Trek?) slave labor. In this scene introducing our villains, Erica defends her husband from an assassination attempt…rather messily. It's hard to say which of them was more evil.

Ultimately, I re-wrote the majority of the chapter because there really wasn't a need for a major villain to defeat. As you saw, a minor one did just fine (the rogue Destiny Logan). It was enough of a challenge for our actors to find each other and get home. They didn't need a super villain to make things any more complicated.

Script and art by me, Allen from Due East.

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