Deleted Scenes: Off Hours Chapter 2 - Page Unknown

dueeast on July 27, 2010

This would have been part of the lead-up to the be-all/end-all battle with our villains, Reynaldo and Erica, at their Castle of Doom. Patrick and I collaborated to see how to best express Violet's elfen magickal powers, and we both agreed that a humorous approach worked best! It also seemed fitting to make her totally clueless about being an elf.

I was going to color this page and computer re-letter it but I decided against that, so people could enjoy Patrick's linework in its original form. If anyone has trouble reading the text, I can re-letter it, but I think it's legible. Anyway, all the regular pages of Off Hours have been colored (130+ pages), so I think one black and white page is okay, don't you?

Art by Patrick Devine from Cricket's Creature and script by me, Allen from Due East.

One more final page to go – this Friday! And then it's over, finished, done! There will be no sequels. Off Hours will go into the annals of completion.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for Off Hours' nomination as Best Community Comic at the 2010 Drunk Duck Awards!

See you Friday!