Filler 25 OhGods D,:

Fyrsiel on May 14, 2007


Finals week. DDDDxxxx;;;;; It's pretty much here…. like, this week…

I think I could have gotten the page done, which you can tell because I can actually show some small previews of it, but the weekend started to get really busy. It was Mother's Day, too. @ @;; I actually got her a gift (zomg).

DDDDDxxxx yeah I ain't gettin' no special mentionings on dis here drunkduck dats fer dang shure! *notmylazybutt =.=*

I really wanted to spiff up the special effects on the page, though. Updating it tonight would have left everything half-assed, and I didn't want to do that. Dx ;;; Sorry that everything is starting to go at a crawl (er, a worse crawl), but I won't be stopping. Just trying to regain my momentum again…

I need to focus on finals this week. x x;; Wish me luck, I suppose;

I's answer comments and then it's off to bed fer mee!

Draco109: *pffshaw* Pirates just have a certain style, man. It's there. :3

Mina_Lunga: Trust me, it is quite against his will. D: I just assume he doesn't realize these images go public… (muwahahhaha). Otherwise I just like drawing them eyes so any excuse is a good one *dundun*

Thirdperiodlunch: ^ ^;;; Thankyou, thankyou!

Jassination: Dx Sorry man!!!! *another filler ;_;* suuuux… Ah, you'd be amazed how many times I break out into song. Especially when walking around on campus. x3

Ninja Jette: *YEEEEEY*

ahoyya: xxxxDDDDDDDDDDD *waves*

kyupol: And don't forget MP3 downloads and bootlegging! :D Ah yes, the glorified pop-culture image I do admire. ;3 Don' forget that even the Medieval Knights are depicted very inaccurately. *especially King Author's knights*

Wazaga: *aaaaar* Dx yes, I suh am ze pirate dorkish totalis!

TT TT So I must now away…. I guess I'm taking a mini-vacation or something. But things will get back on the ball again. It's been about three years and I haven't given up on this comic yet (even if I should have, a long time ago. _xD)