Issue 1 - Cover

th3rdworld on Dec. 9, 2007

Hey guys, as some of you mat or may not know. Omega Chase was originally a print comic that we published. Do to some unforeseen problems we had to cancel the series before the first 4 issues hit stands.

We didn't want to let the fans of the series down and it is our hope that we can bring in some news ones online. Writer Keith Dallas has done a great job creating an interesting project that will have everyone wanting more once they get into the series. Let us know what you think once it goes live tomorrow.

This is the cover to the first issue, which you may still be able to get in some of your local comic shops. We will be updating everyday this week, and then starting next week switching over to a Monday and Friday release schedule. With this in mind Th3rd World will have one web comic going up everyday of the work week.