Oni No Noroi Page 25 - A Little Slip

kaminari on Nov. 15, 2006

This took a long time for me to do.. Sorry for the wait. Ive been preparing to move into a new apartment, studying and interviewing for a new job, and kinda cranky since I hadnt seen the man I love in nearly a month.
And the more I look at it, the more sloppy it feels =(
Weird smudges, ugly clouds (that I blame on my 7 year old laptop, once the file gets to be a certain size, the processor cant handle it so I have to tone down the effect.)
and awkwardly flowing panels.
Forgive me?

Also, for those of you just joining us who havent read the archive. This clumsy fellow is Gouzaa and he is training with the main character Akira, so its not an actual fight.
I really hope everyone will start to like Gouzaa. There will be some buddy-buddy bonding with him coming up.

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