1: Destiny has to start somewhere!

platefish on April 23, 2011

So, this is issue 1 of the 18 issue not-in-the-least-bit epic by Masakazu Amahisa that you unlocked in the DS game Warioware: D.I.Y. It's a bunch of crap, with each issue only having 4 panels (That's 72 panels overall) because that's all Warioware D.I.Y lets you do. On my copy, I decided to import each comic and make fun of all the stupid stuff that was in it. This comic is the fancy changed-around version of the pixelated poop's first issue, where are hero who apparently doesn't have a name finds some kind of mystical sword. Well, that's what originally happened, now he just shouts at an old lady. He then embarks on his RPG-style romp. Stay tuned.