Issue 1 - pg 2 of 24

reconjsh on April 12, 2007

Back from vacation in time to post this page. I started experimenting with color and technique and you'll see that my inking/coloring changes as the pages progress… discovering my own style had been made this comic extra rewarding. ;)

Also, the action and time progresses fast in the first 4 pages. In the context of “web comics” (but not in print comic as this comic was designed for print), I want to point out that the continuity of Zoya & Toro not having/having weapons is intentional and will be properly explained by page 5. The only hint I can give now is to look at their palms on page 1 & 2 carefully.

Every page of this issue contains one or more “pop culture” movie reference(s). There's ONE on this page, can you spot it?

As always, comments are very appreciated.