Heroes Alliance Teaser

AzuJOD on March 22, 2010


You may not know who I am, so I will introduce myself. My name is Aaron, and I am the creator of Azumorph.

Originally I created Azumorph some years before coming to DrunkDuck. I created this account hoping to make comics featuring Azumorph and other superheroes, but I found I lacked the skills/talent/whatever to make it happen.

Eventually I found the Heroes Unite community project, seeing it as a chance to get my character(s) out there. So I signed Azumorph up and the rest is history.

Now, Heroes Unite is getting a spin-off in the form of Heroes Alliance, in which Azumorph will be appearing. This project is brought to you by Abt_Nihil, the man behind the story in which Azumorph made his debut: Heroes Unite: EGO.

That's all I have to say for now, more comics may be posted here, or they may not, who knows?

(oh, and before I forget, Abt_Nihil also drew this teaser, along with a few others that have probably been seen by now)