[14] Space Waffles logo design

Black_Kitty on Aug. 16, 2007

I originally intended to finish this up tonight and then upload a coloured and completed version here but I got sidetracked by a few things. :(

This was suppose to be an entry to Spambot's logo design contest. Alas, it looks like I won't make it. :( I wanted to create a logo that didn't center on the waffle aspect so much but at the same time did convey something along the lines of Space Waffles. Then I realized that oh wait, it's suppose to be a webcomic logo! Oops. Too late, onward!

The blue one is a rejected design. I later realized that the waist of the astronaut wasn't well thought out so I redid it. I was then going to add the words separately on a different layout. I don't like the inking for the right boot though. Bad perspective.

As a side note, I may be moving soon so I don't know if things will be shaky but I would be surprised if it wouldn't be.