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Keily Shinra on Jan. 19, 2008

A la Little Nicky, of all places. Anyways….

Welcome to Paradisio: The Playing of the Pawns! Here's what we're all about.

Quoted: “Set in the city of Las Vegas Nevada, the Sins currently live out their ‘lives’ as if human… working various jobs inside the Paradisio Hotel and Casino. This recently constructed hotel looks like a grand gothic cathedral, dark exterior lit up with exquisite neon lighting that looks like stained glass windows. Of course there are many floors to this hotel, the structure reaching up as if to extend into Heaven itself.

With the Sins roaming the world freely, the Heavens cannot rest. While Las Vegas may be small, the Lord cannot stand to watch so many souls darken in sin. The Seven Divine Virtues have been sent to Las Vegas, human as the Sins are, to put an end to this once and for all.

Will the Sins drag the Virtues into darkness? Will the light burn away the unholy? Or will these pawns, out from under their masters for the first time in millennia, start a new life… and defy it all? Will the trappings of humanity corrupt… or perhaps redeem these individuals?”

~Awesome intro by Pyonchan

As Paradisio is based off of a roleplay on gaiaonline…this means that there is a huge list of disclaimers on the way. But, for now…I shall list them as they appear…or as I can remember them. XD The old crowd knows who belongs to who. I'm just posting this up in order not to get yelled at later.

So I shall say this now: Any characters not originally mine belong to their respective creator. The whole premise itself belongs to Pyonchan alone. :3 And we love her for making such a wonderful roleplay for everyone!

BTW, The Beach That Never Was will always be mine…ALWAYS! X3