ROUND TWO: for usedbooks

usedbooks on Jan. 25, 2012

The theme for round two is “behaving badly,” and we're kicking off with a picture from Michael Greene to me. He chose to draw Raidon from Used Books and titled it “The Beast Within”
Michael says: "I settled on Raidon originally because of his glasses (no joke). They reminded me of one of my favorite comic book villains of all time (Yukishiro Enishi from Rurouni Kenshin).  Aside from the glasses,
both men are very similar: they're involved in the underworld, both are good-looking, and both are capable of acts of great villainy.
What struck me about Raidon is that, unlike Enishi, he rarely breaks the aura of a perfect gentleman–he never gets the wicked grin, the evil
eyes, etc; he retains the semblance of decency even when he's doing something rotten.
Which led me to ask: what would this man's soul look like?
So I drew that.  Or at least, what I think that would look like."
Thanks, Michael! Seriously creepy picture. I think this might haunt my dreams. o_0
Anyone who wants to get in on round two, it's not too late! Just contact me via PQ, email ( , or in the forums.