500. Technodrome...The Final Shell Shock

Sameth on Dec. 26, 2012

So…I sprited this comic because it's the 500th Pegwarmers. Normally, I like to do something special…be it drawing something or having something sprited. Last time I had a sprite comic for a special, it was done by my friend Andore. He's away, so I did it myself.
But to be fair, I've been doing sprite comics (Chrono Redux) between that special comic and this, so I was comforatable with doing this myself.
As for spriting vs. drawing…I didn't sprite this out of laziness. Actually, this comic took some work. I did this because I got the TMNT boxset for Christmas from my sister and I was inspired to do a comic based off of that…and I went with a sprite comic because Turtles in Time is the best TMNT game ever made and I had an excuse to use its sprites.
Also, I've been considering having a TMNT comic replace Chrono Redux when it ends and I would be using Turtles in Time sprites.
Wow…I typed a lot.

Edit: Well, Andore ended up making a new version of the comic using my same script and positioning and all that, but he resprited it because my version didn't look all that great. I was having issues with the resizing and he fixed it. He also got a glass breaking sprite, which looks way better.

But yeah, his updated version is based on my original one.