504. Stuck

Sameth on Jan. 4, 2013

Ha ha! Screw you, gravity! I made this comic without your help!
*Ahem!* Anyway, this is one of the things I wondered about while playing Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. No, that's not true…he's not actually attached to the statue…or something. Look, I don't know.
Also, Andore (upon coming back), pronounced my 500th comic as crap and kindly remade it for me, using the same poses, dialogue, and such. No, I'm kidding. He gave me some constructive criticism. There were some issues with my resizing of the sprites and it made it look bad and he offered to redo it, so I let him. If you want to see the change, you can read it again here. He even got a glass shatter sprite. All I did was draw it. His looks better.