514. New Banner

Sameth on Jan. 28, 2013

If we're talking ComicFury's banner…yeah, I could stand to change it. If we're talking Drunk Duck? Hell no. I still really like this banner.
If you're wondering, the two banners are different because ComicFury doesn't support bigger banners and the Drunk Duck one is a bitch to resize. Not that I would, it wouldn't look good at that size, so don't ask.
As far as Bruce Banner goes…I liked Edward Norton. Ruffalo was pretty good, but I prefer Norton. Norton was the only reason I saw Incredible Hulk in theaters. I'm not a Hulk fan (if you hadn't noticed by the lack of Hulk in my comic), so despite the impending Avengers movie, I had NO desire to see it until I heard Norton was playing Banner.