527. The Eyes Have It

Sameth on Feb. 27, 2013

I like the big eyed Spider-Man look. I don't like them taking up half his mask, but the size they chose is good. With Spider-Man eyes and with the Batman ears, I feel like they should both be somewhere in the middle. Not too small (like the other four movies for Spider-Man) and not too big. (In my opinion, Tim Sales draws Batman's ears WAY too long.)
THat being said, it does very much look like Raimi's Spider-Man. Not that that's a bad thing. Both are comic book accurate. (Also, I think they webbing is a bit darker.)
It's up on IMDB if you want to take a look. Or check out this site. (In the second site, it does look like there are more differences than just the eyes.)
Also, they cast Mary Jane somewhat recently…but I didn't think that was as important. (Kidding!)

Also, I think I'm going to end Pegwarmers at 600. I'm running low on ideas. Normally I'd run a story and be able to get a whole bunch of ideas while the story is going, but I don't think I have either in me anymore. That being said, I do want to get to 600 before I end this comic. Just seems like a nice goal to set.